Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy for so many today. But for a few in particular. I could (and will soon) do a post on the incredible miracles that have taken place, resulting in so many new adoptions that have been recently completed or that are in process. We now have a pretty large number of Ukrainian American children living in our community!! I used to dream about this happening and I am so exciting to see it becoming a reality. More on that later!

But today my heart grieves for those left behind. Those who feel that they have no hope. Those who are hurting and aching for comfort and love but have none. Those who still ask, "Why not me? Is there anyone who wants me?" And these are not questions I made up - these are questions that children looked at us asked. Just yesterday my friend was asked these very questions once again by a friend of the child that she is adopting.

It sure was a whole lot easier when I didn't know these kids names, hobbies, person
alities, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, and dreams. It was easier when they were more removed from me personally.

But it wasn't easier for them.

So I will rejoice with every one that finds his or her way home. And I will continue to pray and advocate for those still waiting. And perhaps there is more that God is calling us to do to love these children. I am quite certain that our work is not done just because we have adopted.

Please read this very powerful post and consider what else God might have for you to do in ministering to those who desperately need hope.

It is Orphan Awareness Month - my prayer is that we would all be not only more 'aware' of the crisis that surrounds us, but also be increasingly active and involved in offering hope and love.

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