Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Very HOPEFUL News!!!

Have you been praying???

Because it seems that God is at work in Ukraine. We just got some great news that sounds very positive regarding adoptions remaining open!! The Cental Law Administration of the Parliament of Ukraine has released a statement that they are rejecting law to close adoptions. This just happened today.

We are waiting for more details but from what we have been told, Parliament cannot go against this decision and 4313 should be rejected. I will post more when I get more details - I think I might be able to get a translated copy of the decision. We continue to pray and praise God for this very hopeful news!!!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

HELP Keep Ukrainian Adoptions OPEN!!!

There are always those in the Ukraine government who are working to shut down international adoptions. This movement has recently gained momentum and a bill has already passed once! It will be voted on once more and if passed, it will become law!!!

Our facilitator feels that this will not happen until Spring but that it is a strong possibility at that point. When I think of children that I know, who have families coming for them in the Spring (they aren't available until then), I can't help but do something. Some of these children have been waiting for years and are just about to go home. Oh Lord, please change the hearts of those who will make these decisions.

Please read this link below for the details on what is going on.

http://www.nogreaterjoymom.com/2010/11/their-lives-depend-on-it.html The only thing that we have heard differently (and from a very reliable source who is Parliament) is that it will definitely not happen before February and maybe even later...) So we have time NOW to make a difference.

Even if you don't feel the call to adopt, you can get involved in orphan care. And here's a simple way to get involved today...

By now, most of you have probably heard about the decision in Ukraine to go forward with a vote to halt international adoption until an inter-country agreement is in place. Please take a moment to write to your senators & congressmen, then encourage your friends and family to contact do the same!

Below you'll find a letter that you can use, or write your own.
To send a letter to your congressman:

To send a letter to your senator just click on the state and follow the link:

Please help us get the word out!!

Dear (name),

I am writing to you today regarding a VERY urgent situation. Many families in the US are currently in the process of adopting children from orphanages in Ukraine. Most of these children are older or disabled. American families adopting these children offer them what may be their only opportunity at a normal and productive life free of crime, prostitution, or institutionalization due to illnesses that are treatable in the United States. I personally know one of these families.

On November 3, 2010, the Ukrainian parliament voted to proceed with voting on legislation that would halt all international adoptions until inter-country adoption agreements are in place (see the State Dept. announcement at http://adoption.state.gov/news/ukraine.html) . At this point, all that is needed for this to become law is one more vote in Ukrainian parliament and a signature by the Ukrainian president. This could happen any day. If it does, many families and innocent children will be greatly affected. I personally know one of these families.

I am writing to you to urge you to act quickly on this matter by 1. Contacting your Ukrainian cohorts and requesting a consideration of revision of the law to allow adoptions to proceed while the agreement is being drafted (as was done in Russia) and 2. Work with your colleagues in congress to begin drafting this agreement so that it is ready to go in the event the law passes.

Thank you for your timely consideration of this urgent matter!

First and foremost - PRAY!!

And second - please take a few minutes to contact your congressman and senator. Use this letter, or change it to make it fit your situation - whether you have adopted or just know someone who has or who is in process. Thanks guys!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Heavy Heart

My heart is heavy for so many today. But for a few in particular. I could (and will soon) do a post on the incredible miracles that have taken place, resulting in so many new adoptions that have been recently completed or that are in process. We now have a pretty large number of Ukrainian American children living in our community!! I used to dream about this happening and I am so exciting to see it becoming a reality. More on that later!

But today my heart grieves for those left behind. Those who feel that they have no hope. Those who are hurting and aching for comfort and love but have none. Those who still ask, "Why not me? Is there anyone who wants me?" And these are not questions I made up - these are questions that children looked at us asked. Just yesterday my friend was asked these very questions once again by a friend of the child that she is adopting.

It sure was a whole lot easier when I didn't know these kids names, hobbies, person
alities, strengths, weaknesses, fears, hopes, and dreams. It was easier when they were more removed from me personally.

But it wasn't easier for them.

So I will rejoice with every one that finds his or her way home. And I will continue to pray and advocate for those still waiting. And perhaps there is more that God is calling us to do to love these children. I am quite certain that our work is not done just because we have adopted.

Please read this very powerful post and consider what else God might have for you to do in ministering to those who desperately need hope.

It is Orphan Awareness Month - my prayer is that we would all be not only more 'aware' of the crisis that surrounds us, but also be increasingly active and involved in offering hope and love.

Friday, November 12, 2010

Potts Academy

Okay so I really can't believe that it is already November!!! My last post summarized school last year and now we are almost to Christmas break of this one!! How time flies...

This year the Potts Academy has added to it's numbers :) I couldn't be more excited about my sweet new student! Galina joined our homeschool just before the year started and she has been a true delight to teach. I sometimes just catch myself staring at the three of them sitting at my kitchen table in disbelief. I can barely fathom that just over two years ago they were all three in a classroom in Ukraine together and now they are in a small town in Texas learning together in English. I can't help but continually be in awe of God's incredible tapestry in weaving our lives together. It may appear messy at time, but is sure is breathtaking when we get glimpses like this.

Although Galina has known English for a year less than my girls, she has caught right up and even skipped a grade level of math so that she could be in the same math book that they are doing. The first month took some extra work, but now it is me that is being blessed by her presence and participation in our learning. The four of us have the greatest discussions and sometimes the giggles get a little out of hand, but most rewarding is to see how much they are learning and how quickly they are all progressing now. And their precious prayers during our Bible and prayer time often bring me near to tears. Their hearts are so tender for those who remain orphans and for those who are hurting and they are so filled with thanksgiving and awareness of what God has done in their lives. They get it, and it is beautiful.

Equally miraculous - I am truly loving teaching. I thought that I couldn't wait for this season of my life to be over and that I would just push through until I could put them in school. And who knows - that may be what we end up doing. But somehow in fighting to learn how to teach and what to teach, I have come to find so much joy in it!! God really does have a sense of humor :)